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Need for Intellinxt ?

Designers of Intellinxt have decades of experience in Education system. They observed, learned the Traditional hinderances ofimparting traditional education. Traditional Learning is more of focus on the theory and process rather than the learning outcome and exposure.The best part about modern e-learning methods like Intellinxt is that unlike traditional education system it helps student to be in touch with studies and the educators 24/7 and 365 days a year. Intellinxt breaks the challenges each student faced in last decades of education and that is where the vision of innovative thinking applied.

What is Intellinxt ?

As we have experienced that each class, game or contest has stages, which needs to be understood and applied to progress to next stage or level. Each stage helps to add something new and important to the complete experience. The totality of these experiences make a personality and define his/her as individual. Similarly, Intellinxt has combined all those stages as layers of education with a focus to deliver the learning and outcome simultaneously. This layers are encapsulated as a single interface what we now call as Intellinxt. Intellinxt empowers students not only with flexibility but also amplifies the pace of education and exposure. Without any compromise to individual’s career and personal commitments it adds-on as a valued asset for lifetime updation.

We guarantee the best:

Having the best 21st-century learning experience of all time, our school guarantees to provide our wide range of students with core knowledgeable curriculum and skills, which will definitely stand the test of time.Our wide range of subject areas provides you with great options, to choose. This place is likely to foster productive minds, too, which will help to install the feel of love towards learning. Moreover, it also helps the students to offer productive work with others and help them to think in a critical manner. Now, with our services, you can solve both hypothetical and real problems, within a jiffy. Get down to an opportunity, meant only for you!

Anytime Anywhere Approach of E-Learning with Intellinxt Apart from Intellinxt login access where student has access to complete course materials. Each student also receives manuals upon admission like study material/books, id card, CD/DVD for few subjects etc. Our Study materials are designed for self-learning which are simple and easy to understand. Our Material is developed keeping in mind the real time market scenarios, recent case studies, derived with help of industry experts enabling student to understand the topic more dynamically.

E-Book – With Innovative Thinking at intellinxt we understand that many students need access to their course and materials on the go while in office, commutation or long travel. Using the login and support system student can access E-Books for chapter wise description wherein student can make important notes while reading and store the same for future references.

PPT’s PPT has always been the best and easy way to get summarized learning of crucial topics and sections. Each subject has a PPT format of presentation even in Video format as well enabling student to understand topics and quick details.

Assignment and Tests – Each subject offers an assignment or test at the end that can be collected even from support department on time-to-time basis. It helps student to gauge his/her understanding of a particular subject. Video Lectures- As above mentioned each subject has reference video material apart from PPT’s and E-books, which is considered as more interactive and easy way to understand the relevant topic, it also creates quality experience at learning your specializations.

Interactive & Online Learning with Intellinxt

Working professional faces the biggest challenge of time management, thus flexibility and convenience is what they are expecting along with the core product which is a government recognized degree. Intellinxt integrated courses include Live Video Lectures, Recorded lectures – these lectures are available with student to improvise as well as summarize crucial course details throughout their career life.

Virtual Campus – With no need to travel at all and overcoming time-location commitments of university office/classroom. Intellinxt offers a 24/7 365 days learning flexibility for your learning virtually anywhere through the world class Learning Management Systems.

Live Lectures – Live lectures are mostly scheduled and delivered on a calendar basis for assisting planned learning. Live lectures from various experts and known intellectuals gives the extra edge of exposure to students.

Online Exams – At Intellinxt student is empowered with flexibility of Online and On-demand examinations wherein student can choose their own exam schedule based upon their course minimum duration as per their convenience. Online examinations are conducted through exam centers across India with flexibility for the student to choose their exam center, exam dates, exam time and the subject.

24/7 and 365 days a year support system Student Support Each student gets access to world class Student support system from Intellinxt login itself. It’s very easy to raise any ticket pertaining to course, exams, materials, fees and so on from within the account.

Support Cycle – We ensure the student gets proper hand holding during their course; from enrollment to certification of the student.

Support Departments – We have dedicated support teams for various concerns like Study Materials, Student Learning Support, Program Advisor, University Support officers, Student Relationship Manager and so on.

Apart from what course and support departments have to offer to the students learning experience. Intellinnxt extends the experience to the next level by enabling the Self Managed Learning. Courses with Intellinxt give complete control of course management and update to student; be it exam request, fees data, referring friends, calendar, articles and apart from the mentioned points most importantly Access to the International Course from renowned International Universities like Duke, Yale, Michigan and many more. International Course access helps to prepare the student with a better detailed exposure. It also helps student to get learning experience with International standards.

At Intellinxt our primary focus is and will be on Innovative Thinking. Our backend teams work on How to make Career Focused learning methods to help students to gain more from courses. Student gets out of the course exposure like counseling from Industry Trained Program Advisors & Career counselors + Video Interviews of Global Leaders + hundreds of handpicked specialized course access from International Universities The biggest career focus and commitment Intellinxt offers is Lifetime Access which is not related to course life or so. This access makes it easy for student to stay updated and in longer run gain more from one time course expense.

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