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Bachelors of Science in IT – Bsc IT


In order to cater to the various needs of qualified and aspiring students of IT, Venkateshwara Open University is here, offering Bachelors of Science in IT, as one of the main course, under Bsc online category. With a time frame of 3 years, a candidate willing to take help of BSc IT program must complete the degree within twice the given duration date. It means that the candidate must pass within 6 years of time, from the admission date. If he fails to do so, then he might have to start the entire course afresh.

Introductory note for all

Any student, who passed the 10+2-course work with mathematics as a subject is eligible to take up this BSc course in IT. This course is mainly aim at developing some of the skilled IT professionals, with great technical knowledge. The primary goal is to develop robust and well-designed computer based solutions, for various ranges of problems in industry and business. With the help of this course, students are likely to get equipped with a wide set of skills, which will allow the students to develop a perfect professional career in the IT field.

Course Structure:

There are three major years, which you need to follow while opting for Online Bsc IT.

Year 1

  • Applied Mathematics I
  • Professional Communication Skills
  • Digital Computer Fundamentals
  • Electronics and Communication Technology
  • Mathematics II
  • Computer Graphics

Year 2

  • Web Designing and Programming
  • DBMS
  • Microprocessor and Microcontrollers
  • Data Communication and Networking Standards
  • Advanced SQL
  • Introduction to C++ programming
  • Java and Data Structures

Year 3

  • Embedded Systems
  • Internet Technologies
  • Modern Operating Systems
  • Software Project Management
  • Network Security
  • Software Testing
  • Data Warehousing

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