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Bachelor of Arts Courses –Applied Economics


Nowadays, people are inclining more towards those bachelor’s degrees, which have reliable discussions, based on the latest trends. To know more about the basics and core values of economic structure, you need to get acquainted with Bachelors of Arts –Applied Economics course structure. For applying for this course from Venkateshwara Open University, you are asked to deal with H.S.C or the 10+3 years of the diploma course. This program is here to last for 36 to 60 months, within which, the students will know more about the courses and their valuable programs.

Introduction to the courses

Once you have taken help of VOU, you have the right to grow and perform at your best. Get in touch with the reliable, top-quality education and with access to some of the best career opportunities of all time. Once you have come across our economic roles, you can easily land up with the economic analysis and policy making areas, within the locality and even under the international platform.

Through our courses on a Bachelor Of Arts Courses, you are likely to get in touch with the complicated concepts, to be an important part of the economic sector. Through our courses, you will get to know more about the independent learning and self-directed services. There is a whole new range of issues, which you are likely to come across. Evaluate and learn more about the ethical dilemmas and get acquainted with the reasoned alternatives.

Course Objective:

  • Through this Bachelor of Arts in Economic courses, you will land up with a firm foundation in the economic platform, with meaningful training in public administration, business administration and social science.
  • Critically appraising a wide range of theoretical business and other values of computer management concepts
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge of business and some of the other inter-disciplinary economics areas

Course Structure:

Year 1

  • English Communication -I
  • Indian Constitution and Ethics
  • Micro Economics
  • Macro Economics

Year 2

  • English Communication -II
  • Monetary Economics
  • Environmental Studies
  • Economics Statistics

Year 3

  • Fundamentals of Computer Application
  • Marketing
  • Fiscal Economics
  • International Economics

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